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Forem powers thriving communities such as DEV - a social network of 850k+ software developers

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As you engage your users, community empowers your team

Product Development

  • Facilitate better product roadmapping through tight feedback loops
  • Surface and prioritize critical information as it arises
  • Enable thoughtful, longform, async communication out in the open
  • Receive more organic and candid user feedback
Product Development

Marketing & Advocacy

  • Acquire new users and developers passively through SEO-optimized user-generated-content
  • Enable product-led-growth sales through active community
  • Bring prospects to your sales team later in the funnel
  • Create a community-led organic drip of marketing leads with intent
Marketing & Advocacy

Customer Success

  • Empower your users and prospects with search-indexed Q&A and accessible troubleshooting solutions
  • Decrease support ticket volume with concise self-service
  • Free up Customer Success resources from around-the-clock monitoring of synchronous channels like Slack and Discord
Customer Success

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