For empowering community

Hello, world.

Forem is the open source software which powers, and it's ready for more responsibility. No coding skills required to own and administrate a community.

Our platform is flexible and hardened by the scrutiny of thousands of developers. Fill out this form if you are interested in starting a new community or empowering an existing one. We also just launched a meta forem for developers to help chip in on the codebase and features. Visit to get involved.

This software will eventually be deployable anywhere, but we advise that you let us do the hosting while we are in beta, so that we can deploy new features and patches in real time across the network. Contact us via the form or participate via open source.

Our code is available on GitHub. Follow @forem on Twitter to keep up with the progress. We have lots to show you over the coming weeks and months. To learn more about the future of Forem, check out our announcement post on DEV.