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Forem is open source software for building modern and independent communities for your developers, peers, customers, users. Forem is already powering communities that serve over 10 million monthly unique visitors. Build your community on top of Forem's rock-solid open source foundation.

On a Forem, you:

Publish articles and multimedia
Create unique community gathering spots
Promote news & events with unique campaign tooling

At Forem, we combine our ideals of privacy, inclusion, and open source with a passion for product development and excellent in user experience.

The result? Universally accessible, delightful, and enriching software for everyone.

Our Team


Forem is led by co-founders Ben Halpern, Jess Lee, and Peter Frank ("PB&J").

Our Team

We're a fast-growing and globally-distributed team of developers, product builders, operators, and
community managers with deep knowledge of technology across the organization. We celebrate our
differences, but share common qualities of kindness, open-mindedness, and relentless curiosity.

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Come build the new community web

  • Inclusive
  • Remote first
  • Globally distributed
  • Asynchronous
  • Continuous learning
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