Forem is open source software for building communities

Transparency, accessibility, and security for independent and authentic communities.

The reason you joined the Internet.

Sharing space is supposed to bring us closer together — cyberspace shouldn't be any different.

You deserve real estate on the Internet, not rented plots from overlords of the web.

It’s time for the Internet to be what it was meant to be — community for everyone.

Forem provides open-source tools to help you host a thriving, focused, and adaptable community.

Structure your Forem

Our starter pack comes with a collection of tools to help you:

  1. Greet new members
  2. Rally around common obsessions
  3. Publish your thoughts

...all while keeping discussions active, healthy, and enjoyable.

You can also switch on any combination of optional enhancement to build a space that’s entirely for you.

Illustration indicating three people in conversationPeople
Illustration of a passage of text with a title.Composer
Illustration of a magnifying glass over a text box.Search
Illustration showing multiple cards in a list.Feed
Illustration of a chat interface.Discussion
Illustration of a notification icon over an app icon.Notifications
Illustration of a podcast widget with a pause icon. The widget is faded out and a 'plus' icon is overlayed.Podcasts
Illustration of a code block with angled brackets. The widget is faded out and a 'plus' icon is overlayed.Code Plugins
Illustration of a list of cards, each containing an image and lines of text. The widget is faded out and a 'plus' icon is overlayed.Listings

Our differences are delightful

Forem communities are built to uniquely empower the people gathering there.

Example Forem wireframe titled 'Developer', with a series of wireframe cards in a list.
Example Forem wireframe titled 'Martial Arts', with a series of large wireframe cards in a list.
Example Forem wireframe titled 'Illustration', with a grid of wireframe images.
Example Forem wireframe titled 'Family and Friends', with a wireframe chat interface.
Example Forem wireframe titled 'Workplace', with a list of wireframe cards.
Example Forem wireframe titled 'Gardening', with wireframes of a horizontally scrolling widget, a podcast widget and a list of cards.

Let's build your favorite place on the Internet

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